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Product Description

Elite training isn’t for the elite anymore.  Now, anyone who has a smartphone can have access to professional level coaching and fully immersive Virtual Reality football simulations.  The SIDEKIQ VR Headset is a mobile smartphone Virtual Reality headset that works with smartphones with display sizes 4.7 to 5.5 inches.  With it’s comfortable straps and form fitting headrest, you will be able to experience any of the SIDEKIQ Challenges and be comfortable along the way.

Turn your smartphone into a full blown Virtual Reality experience!  With the SIDEKIQ Challenge Simulators, you will have access to hundreds of interactive plays in true Virtual Reality.  Full, 360 degree rotation and viewpoint allows you to experience the game and see the action from any angle.  Our unique “helmet cam” allows you to see from the actual perspective you will see on game-day.  Durable, yet elegantly designed, this headset is going to be your training companion for years to come.


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  • SUPPORTED DEVICES Smartphones with display sizes of 4.7 to 5.5 inches
  • EYEGLASSES Eyeglasses can be worn while using the headset
  • MICROFIBER CLOTH Elegant microfiber cloth to clean lenses
  • AUDIO Ports to plug in the smartphone audio and charging connectors
  • LATCH Front container latches firmly ensuring ease of use
  • STABILIZOR- Securely hold smartphone in place
  • AIR VENTILATION Ventilation openings to ease airflow and prevent fogging of lenses
  • 3D SUPPORT Stereo side-by-side format for 3D pictures & videos

Recommended use for kids ages 8 and up.  For full list of important information please visit our FAQ page.

For best viewing experience we recommend the Samsung S5 or iPhone 6