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Product Description

*Order the Project OPS Strike Zone Awareness training app today and get access to:


  • SIDEKIQ VR Headset
  • For the first time, Jason Giambi teaches you everything he knows about vision in the batter’s box.
  • 100% exclusive training giving you unlimited pitching sequences in real life Virtual Reality.



Why Project OPS?

OPS is a baseball category that calculates a player’s “On-base Percentage and Slugging Percentage”.  It measures the ability of a player both to get on base and to hit for power.  A critical piece of development in being a successful hitter is being able to read and recognize if a pitch thrown is a ball or strike.  This can only come from realistic repetitions thrown to a batter at game speed.  Project OPS makes you game-ready by allowing you to step in and take Virtual Batting practice against realistic pitchers.  Not a machine. Not soft toss…  Real. Live. Action.

Experience real live action as if you were in a game.

Measure your ability to identify pitches!

How Does It Work?

Stand in the batter’s box and take batting practice against a Virtual Pitcher.  You will be quizzed and challenged in real time on whether the pitches thrown are balls or strikes.  We track your eyes and you will be making real time decisions on whether a pitch thrown is a ball or strike.  It starts out easy but becomes more challenging.  So be prepared.

Perfect your strike zone awareness by seeing repetitions in real time.

Once you get the hang of Strike Zone Awareness you will be introduced to Pitch Tracking.  Not only will you have to identify balls and strikes, but now you have to identify which type of a pitch is being thrown at you: Fastball, Curveball, Slider, etc.

Stay focused and gain valuable points while mastering the art of pitch tracking.

The secret to this type of training, is that you are seeing the entire pitching sequence.  Not just a machine throwing at you or someone throwing you “kind of like” a game pitches.  Pitches are thrown to you at the same speed you’ll see in a game.  Seeing the pitcher’s motion, delivery and flight of the ball is the most critical piece in being a successful hitter.  It all comes down to timing and vision.  Project OPS prepares you like no other training program because it provides all of that in an easy, fun to use training experience.

Throughout Project OPS you will get 360 Virtual Reality lessons from one of baseball’s greatest hitters, Jason Giambi.  He’ll give you insights and tips at how to improve your Strike Zone Awareness and Pitch Tracking skills.

Training in Virtual Reality will improve your vision and ability to recognize pitches.  So you can see the game like professional players do.

Lesson Features:

  • 7 Jason Giambi exclusive lessons in 360 Virtual Reality from the MVP, All-Star and Silver Slugger.
  • Over 30 Interactive Virtual Reality at bats against virtual pitchers throwing unlimited amounts of pitches with different speeds, pitch types and pitch locations.
  • Experience batting in Virtual Reality in some of America’s most iconic baseball fields- it’s as if you are there!
  • Real-life at bat experiences from virtual pitchers throwing unlimited amounts of pitches.
  • Unique eye tracker technology ensuring accurate results that translate to the field.
  • Up to 4 different pitches in which to recognize (Fastball, Slider, Curve Ball, Change Up).
  • Self paced learning appropriate for all players 8+.

What’s Included:

  • Project OPS Strike Zone Awareness Application for iOS and Android Includes the complete training package.
  • 7 Interactive Lessons With Jason Giambi  360 degree Virtual Reality Lessons with one of the MLB’s best all time hitters.
  • Access Code Activation code to unlock your training experience.
  • One SIDEKIQ VR Headset Smartphone simulator headset.

Important Information:

– The complete Strike Zone Awareness training software access codes will be emailed out as the VR Headset ships.

– Please read our important information and other FAQ’s regarding safety, shipping and more.

– Phones to experience Project OPS on are phones with screen display sizes from 4.7″ to 6″. The only phones we guarantee this to work with are Samsung S5, S6 and Iphone 6 and 6+.

Getting Started: