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Jason Giambi may be retired from the MLB but EON Sports VR changed the game

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“The Strike Zone awareness simulation is unparalleled in baseball today,” said Giambi. “I can’t imagine what the game would have looked like if we had this technology when I broke into the league in the mid-90’s. Many kids live in cold weather climates where they can’t get out on the diamond every day. This solution allows hitters around the world to practice real-life applications and situations wherever they are.”

Since the release of our Virtual Reality football training simulator SIDEKIQ, we’ve received extensive demand for a similar experience for baseball players. Project OPS is a 360 training experience focused on Strike Zone, pitch recognition, and interactive swings, where five-time All-Star and American League MVP, Jason Giambi, is your personal coach in each interactive tutorial. Several obstacles in the baseball industry include a gap between potential and performance. Project OPS is bridging that gap, allowing a new way to train at best speed.
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Sports Illustrated gets the first introduction to EON Sports VR Baseball Simulator

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Virtual Reality Baseball has arrived!

Founder and CEO of EON Sports VR, Brendan Reilly, spoke with the host of Sports Illustrated NOW, Maggie Grey, to introduce the company’s new baseball simulator.

Project OPS is a revolutionary virtual reality baseball simulator that provides athletes with a competitive advantage. It allows players to take repetitions against a player they are about to play and distinguish the differences between a fastball, curveball, changeup and slider.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the first NFL Team to introduce Virtual Reality football-simulator software developed by EON Sports VR

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Jameis Winston will use EON Sports VR‘s Virtual Reality football-simulator, SIDEKIQ, starting at their training camp on August 1st to accelerate picking up the Bucs playbook. Winston and other quarterbacks will be able to get realistic repetitions as if they were on the field through Virtual Reality plays and SIDEKIQ. The Buccaneers join several high profile Universities in using SIDEKIQ technology such as: University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Mississippi (Ole Miss), Syracuse University, and the University of Kansas (KU).

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EON Sports’ SIDEKIQ Challenge Brings Realistic Virtual Reality American Football Training To Mobile Phones

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Users will have access to high level football training used by elite athletes on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

IRVINE, CA, July 8, 2015 – EON Sports VR, the leading sports Virtual Reality training company, has released EON Sports’ SIDEKIQ Challenge a mobile version of EON Sports’ ground breaking Virtual Reality American Football training application. Together with elite position coaches, SIDEKIQ Challenge will bring high level training, typically reserved for professional athletes and pro-prospects, to aspiring football players world wide.


Available on both Android and iOS, SIDEKIQ Challenge lets quarterbacks train like fighter pilots through realistic situations and take multiple life-like repetitions on their mobile phone. Unlike traditional Virtual Reality systems that required expensive display devices and powerful computer systems, SIDEKIQ Challenge requires only a current generation smartphone. Now America’s 4.3 million youth football players can gain access to upper tier training that was once available to only a select few.


SIDEKIQ Challenge brings realistic quarterback repetitions to quarterbacks smartphones

“This has been our dream since we started the company. Providing any athlete the chance to reach their true potential is now possible,” said Brendan Reilly, CEO of EON Sports VR. “The only thing standing between them and the next level, whether that’s a scholarship, the NFL, or playing for their high school team, is getting quality reps and high level instruction. With this you can get both.”

To access the level of training that EON Sports’ SIDEKIQ Challenge provides, athletes have to overcome several important hurdles. They would have to travel cross-country to visit one of a handful of elite position coaches in the country, pay for private lessons, find practice facilities, and then find twenty-one other players to get realistic repetitions. Now anyone with a mobile phone can experience professional level training.


Athletes have to make split second decisions on where to throw the football in order to succeed in SIDEKIQ Challenge.

“The ability to take real live situations, re-enact them, and then have the ability to measure the athlete’s response to the simulation … is mind blowing. This is how every quarterback will train from now on,” said Steve Clarkson, one of the nation’s preeminent Quarterback Coaches.

EON Sports is partnering with elite quarterback coaches like Steve Clarkson and FirstDown PlayBook to create training experiences that cover concepts that range from simple introductions to complex reads and motions. These coaches have a proven track record of developing professional athletes and have trained several high profile quarterbacks such as Ben Roethlisberger (SC), Nick Foles (SC), Teddy Bridgewater (SC), Tim Tebow (SC), Jameis Winston (SC), Robert Griffin III (TS), Blaine Gabbert (TS), Sam Bradford (TS), and Matthew Stafford (TS). They are, together with EON Sports, translating their teaching methods to bite-size lessons for end user consumption.

University of Kansas Football Program Unleashes The Training Power Of EON Sports VR’s Virtual Reality Football Simulator, SIDEKIQ

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Kansas City, MO, April 15, 2015 — EON Sports VR, the world’s leading Virtual Reality Sports training company, has added the University of Kansas football team to its growing list of football programs utilizing the innovative SIDEKIQ Virtual Reality Football Simulator. Sports Training will see dramatic improvements and changes due to the growth of Virtual Reality, which is projected to be a $150 Billion industry by 2020 according to Digi-Capital.

The coaches at the University of Kansas will be able to input their playbook and the opposing team’s into SIDEKIQ. Once the plays are input into the system, the athlete, with an Oculus Rift headset, will see a first person perspective of their position. This simulates game action from an on-the-field perspective like the athlete would see in a game. In particular, the quarterback will be able to improve in game decision making by experiencing coverages, defenses, and stunts virtually.

Coach David Beaty, Head Football coach at the University of Kansas had this to say about EON Sports VR’s technologies, “We are always looking to push boundaries and be innovative in how we train our athlete’s bodies and minds.  This is a huge competitive advantage and allows us to prepare our players to excel at the collegiate level and beyond.”

Additionally, growing concerns about injuries have lead to tightening regulations on practice time nationally. Coaches are now actively looking for safer and smarter ways to train their teams. With SIDEKIQ, athletes can train their mind without wear and tear on their body. Valuable practice repetitions can be had away from the practice field and outside of organized practice. This is invaluable for athletes and coaches looking to gain a competitive edge.

CEO of EON Sports VR Brendan Reilly said, “We know how to make athletes big and strong, but how do we know they will make the right play? This can only come from realistic repetitions and practice, and we can now provide that without the unnecessary physical wear and tear. These coaches at Kansas are trendsetters and innovators. They’ve embraced SIDEKIQ. Virtual Reality simulation gives their student-athletes exposure to ten times more repetitions than their peers. That’s like saying a freshman has the same experience as a rookie in the pros; talk about powerful.”

Getting Geeky With It

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Whew, we can finally tell the world! We did a study analyzing the effectiveness of SIDEKIQ on QB’s decision making. Let’s just say it did not disappoint. We found that the groups average improvement over 3 days was 30% in mental performance. IN 3 DAYS! What if you did that for a whole month? Heck a whole year? Or even multiple years.

While we cannot guarantee you will be like Peyton Manning and appear on SNL and in Papa John’s commercials. We can guarantee that 30% improvement every 3 days that you train will help you to start playing like him.

If you would like to receive a copy of this research please contact info@eonrealitysportsvr.com and we will send you one!

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