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CBS Sports Radio: One of the “best MLB teammates ever played with”, is now training you with Virtual Reality software Project OPS, created by EON Sports VR

By November 20, 2015Blog

Jim Rome of CBS Sports Radio, interviewed Jason Giambi about his past, present, and how his current partnership with EON Sports VR is tying it all together.

MLB Legend, Jason Giambi, Quick Facts:
20 year Major League player
2000 American League MVP
2005 come-back player of the year
Five-time All Star
Two-time Silver Slugger
440 career home runs
Nearly 1400 career walks

Jim Rome: I’m not sure that you’ve come on since 2002
Jason G: It might be a long time! But, I am honored to be back on again, buddy

JR: You announce your retirement as player back in February, you ended your 20-year Major League career, I gotta know what the past year has been like, and since you haven’t been playing, what is it been like for you essentially.
JG: Busy! I got a four-year-old and a two-year-old, so it took me a long time to grow up, so I’m trying to catch up to everybody else. Unfortunately I’m just a little bit older, so I don’t have as much energy. I’m so glad I waited ’til the end of my career to have kids cause I get a chance to spend every day with them, take them to school, dress up for Halloween, do all the little things that I probably would have missed playing Baseball, so I’m really enjoying it right now.

JR: I had Stanford Quarterback on the show yesterday, and he was talking about how Virtual Reality has helped him develop and prepare as a quarterback. You have partnered up with EON Sports VR baseball lessons. Exactly what is involved in that?
JG: Jim, I’m telling you, it’s the most unbelievable thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not a big “techie” guy. Like I said, I cam up in the leagues when there was no tech. I mean, you barely had a cellphone. So, when they approached me with this, to help young kids become better players, I was blown away.